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Apr 20 Tue
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Apr 27 Tue
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May 4 Tue
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May 11 Tue
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May 11 Tue
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May 18 Tue
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May 18 Tue
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Jun 24 Thu
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Extension Needs Assessment

Cooperative Extension at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is conducting a statewide program needs assessment to determine how …


TRACTOR Seeks Growers!

Sierra Bryant, Sales Programs Manager for TRACTOR, is reaching out to encourage growers in need of a market to consider …

Fertilizer Picture

Fertilizer Application

When is the proper time to apply fertilizer? Application of fertilizer should be based around a few factors. First, …

2021 Small Farms Week Logo

Small Farms Week

This year marks the 35th year of our annual salute to small famers across North Carolina. The 35th annual Small Farms …

Security with blocks representing online dangers

Being Smart About Social Media

Most teens use some form of social media and have a profile on social networking sites. According to GlobalWebIndex, …

PH, It Can Save You Money

pH, It Can Save You Money

What is pH and why is it important? pH is an abbreviation for potential Hydrogen and is used to …

COVID-19 Vaccine Flyer with a Needle

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine: It’s Our Turn to Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get Vaccinated! It’s hard to imagine a time when …

Picture of a goat in a pasture

Frost Seeding

With spring just around the corner, pasture improvements and forages become a priority. Multiple actions can be taken to …

4-H Online is Now Open for Enrollments

4-H Online 2.0 Is Now Open

Welcome back to the new 4-H year! The first step to becoming an active 4-H member, volunteer, or participant during …

Lime Spread on A Field

Spring Lime Saves Money

Why do you need to apply lime in the spring before plant growth? Lime can be produced from Calcium …

4-H Youth Stepping FOURWARD

4-H Youth Stepping FOURWARD

4-H Youth Stepping FOURWARD Application deadline is February 12, 2021. Wanna learn more about leadership and practice your skills? Are you interested …