Vegetable Still Plentiful

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Gardens have produced an bounty of beautiful vegetables this summer,and there seem to still be plenty of vegetables and fruits still
available at the local farmers’ markets. So, you still have time to
preserve some nutritious locally grown vegetables and fruits for
winter use. If you are looking for a great selection of peppers,
eggplant, cabbage, mushrooms, and greens for good eating this week or to preserve, make sure you check out your local farmers’ markets this next week. Blueberries were still available on short supply this past week.

If you have questions about food preservation, call your local NC
Cooperative Extension Center at 688-4811 or go online to the National Center for Home Food Preservation. There have been over 60 food preservation class registrations this summer and class participants are sharing food preservation information with others.

Peppers plants have produced well this year and people are pickling
peppers, canning salsa, and freezing peppers for use in winter
recipes. One of the long time dinner time favorites is stuffed
peppers. So, get out one of your old stuffed pepper recipes and enjoy the unique flavor of pepper for a tasty eat at home dinner. If you don’t have a recipe, use a variety if vegetables from the garden to stuff the peppers like a few cubes of eggplant, a little bit of sliced
onion, some cherry tomatoes, and fresh herbs. After you sliced the
pepper in half and remove the seeds, you can roast it by placing it
under the oven broiler for a few minutes, until the skins blister.
While the peppers roast, you can saute’ your choice of cut vegetables for the stuffing in a little olive oil, adding tomatoes the last couple of minutes. Then place the peppers in an oven save casserole dish that has a light coating of olive oil, and stuff with vegetables and herbs. Sometimes, I like to add some peppers with heat, mushrooms, and cheese to the vegetable stuffing too. Of course, ground meat or poultry added to the vegetable stuffing offers a different version. Enjoy some of the best local garden produce at your home meal time while the fresh produce is still around!

Posted on Aug 27, 2012
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